Michael Jackson’s only portrait ever created up for online auction

The news surrounding Michael Jackson’s death was quite melancholic in the beginning, but it took an eccentric turn later on, with his never-before-seen belongings coming to light and being auctioned off. The latest one to show up is a rare 50 by a 40-inch portrait of Michael Jackson by Australian artist Brett Livingstone Strong that is the only painting for which the King of Pop ever posed. Titled “The Book,” the portrait depicts Jackson, clad in a Renaissance-era red velvet jacket, seated amid a sweeping checkerboard floor underneath a magically translucent curtain at his Neverland ranch.

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Toy inventor Marty Abrams acquired the painting in partnership with John Gentilly in 1992 from Japanese businessman Hiromichi Saeki as payment of a debt owed to them. The painting was originally sold to Saeki for $2.1 million in 1990 and remained with Abram for over 17 years. The painting is estimated to fetch over $3 million in the eBay auction scheduled to end on April 17. The minimum starting bid of the portrait will be $2.75 million.

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