Mike Tyson’s Bentley Continental T is up for grabs

Even if you aren’t a follower of boxing championships, you will know who Mike Tyson is. The legendary boxing champion has punched (and chewed, if I may add) his way to soaring heights of fame and given the boxing fans some memorable matches that they will never forget. Although he lost out on many fans when he chewed off the ear of his opponent Evander Holyfield in the famous 1997 match, some still respect the guy. If you are one such fan who still goes crazy on hearing the name Mike Tyson, then here is something that might interest you. A Bentley Continental bought by Mike Tyson just a month before the controversial 1997 match is actually up for grabs on JamesList.

The Bentley Continental T was a tricked out Continental R with more power and “sportier” handling. The car is one of only 322 examples made in 1996. It’s a 2+2 coupé that gets its sporty image courtesy of the 10cm shortening of the wheelbase and the extended front and rear wheel arches. The sporty machine’s engine starts with a button’s push and churns out 426 metric hp and 875 nM of torque. The dashboard, too, keeps the sporty theme going with a chrome finish.
Listed for €130,000 ($167,700), you can get more details here.

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