Most expensive bracelet sold for record-breaking $7 million

The Duchess of Windsor sure had an amazing sense of fashion jewelry. An exquisite Onyx and Diamond Panther bracelet, crafted by Cartier for Wallis Simpson along with 20 other pieces of jewelry were all brought under the hammer to create auction records of sorts. Sold by Sotheby’s for a staggering $7 million, the fine jewelry was initially touted to make only $4.6m. This diamond panther bracelet is now also the most expensive Cartier item to be sold at any auction. It was a part of a collection owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor which fetched a total of £7,975,550 ($12,417,369).

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Another show stopper included a $2,679,712 worth Cartier flamingo clip crafted out of ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and diamond. This diamond studded Panther bracelet from Cartier toppled the previous holder of the most expensive bracelet which was sold at slightly less price of $6.9 million at Christie’s.