Number plate with the digit 7 sells for $4.6 million

What’s in a number or rather a number plate? Apparently, a lot. Why else would someone shell out 7 million dirham’s, or $4.6 million, to acquire a number plate bearing solely the digit 7? The aforementioned number plate is the third most expensive number plate globally and was auctioned sold in a government auction on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. The second most expensive and the most expensive number plate in the world to have been sold earlier in this land of the rich. As most of the number of plates in UAE come with default five digits, the lesser the number of digits, the higher the price. And the folks, too, have no qualms about shelling out mighty sums to get exclusive number plates.

Other distinctive license plates that were sold during Saturday’s auction included the number 60, which was sold for 6.1 million dirham’s ($1.6million), ‘333’ sold for 860,000 dirham’s ($234,130), and ‘7777’ sold for 1 million dirham’s ($272,245). In total, 72 specialized plates were sold on Saturday for a total of 50 million dirhams ($13million). However, the name of the “7” digit number plate owner was not announced by the officials.
Are the folks in Abu Dhabi believers of numerology, or is the pricey number plate game a new way to flaunt their social status? You decide. “We will come back with the original image.”

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