NY Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez’s 500th Home Run ball auctioned off for $100k

Alex Rodriguez, one of the 22 players comprising the elite 500+ club, has a new fortune to his name. The ball with which he scored his 500th career home run has sold for $103,590. The New York Yankees star is only the third player from his team (first being Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth) to achieve this feat. The seller, who was a college student at the time that he attended the game (August 4, 2007) and caught Alex’s ball, made quite a fortune with the ball owning to its authenticity that was confirmed by its pre-marked serial “A 107”, as also the good condition that it was kept in.

However, speculations suggest that a lot more could have been earned out of the ball had the player not established a bad reputation by shadowing performance-enhancing drugs. The sale was conducted by SCP Auctions, who specialize in baseball memorabilia and are also known to have sold the original contract detailing Babe Ruth’s transfer from the Boston Red Sox to the NY Yankees.

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