Oak Sideboard by Charlotte Perriand fetches $240,000 at auction

I think that any room gets its charm and personality from its contents. Even a simple sideboard or a coffee table can make a huge difference to the room’s entire décor. So if you, too, believe that the contents are the essence of the ideal room, have a look at the beautiful Oak Sideboard by Charlotte Perriand in 1959. An asset to any room was recently auctioned off and deservedly fetched more than its expected price. This designer storage unit was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Cor through Galerie Steph Simon to accompany the Nuage Bibliothèque. The storage board hides behind its 3 sliding doors ample storage space, including two adjustable shelves. A great way to make your room look organized by storing all your unwanted junk in this cabinet is definitely attractive.

However, this beauty now rests somewhere in another lovely abode as it was auctioned off for a whopping $240,000. A true gem, it will always remain an inspiration for designers.