Only in Russia you can get the iPhone X a whole month in advance for $35,000

The iPhone X may not be on sale until November 3, but an enterprising Russian is offering Apple fans a chance to own the device much earlier. The seller is selling the iPhone X 256 GB from September 20 for the sum of 2,000,000 rubles, but priced drop sharply as the official launch date approaches.

September 20-30 – 2 000 000 rub
October 1-10 – 1 500 000 rub
10-20 October – 1 000 000 rub
October 20-25 – 700 000 rub
October 25-31 – 500 000 rub
1-3 November – 350 000 rub
November 3 – 150 000 rub

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Supposedly the devices are sold along with a presentation box and can even be engraved. But there are huge red flags here, not only did the seller not reveal how s/he intends to secure the devices a full month before the official launch, but they also stated that the sale will take place in person. That means interested buyers need to go to Moscow to physically collect the phone and pay in cash.

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Don’t spend 2 million Rubles on what is most likely an elaborate scam, save your coins, have patience and stand in line for the real thing guys! This sounds way too shady to be true!

[Auction Page:Avito]

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