Owner of the most expensive car cautions auto collectors

The man who bought the most expensive Bugatti is warning car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Peter Mullin from California has a word of caution to people looking to buy classic cars. He is the famous collector who bought the 1936 Type 57SC Atlantic Bugatti in 2010 for an estimated price of over $30 million. This classic coupe is considered to be the world’s most expensive car and only one of two in original condition. He says “Non-car people shouldn’t buy thinking this a good place to park their money,” he says. “The odds of choosing the wrong thing or a fake are real high. You should buy a car because you love it. If you’ve bought something good and they didn’t make 30,000 of them, it probably will go up in value. But that’s not a good enough reason in itself for the purchase”.

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Peter Mullin speaks from experience after all he owns 65 classic cars, and this month he will be displaying 10 cars from his Mullin Museum in Retromobile, France. Retromobile is the biggest commercial show which is devoted to collectible automobiles. The only other 1936 Type 57SC being displayed there is Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti Atlantic.
Bugatti_Type 57SC_Atlantic_1.jpg

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