Pablo Picasso’s portrait of Marie-Therese Walter sells for $69 million at Sotheby’s

Picasso’s artworks have been in high demand forever as there aren’t many who can match his eccentric streaks and his eclectic rendition in general. Topping the charts in fetching astounding sums for his paintings, Picasso’s portrait of his long-time muse, Marie-Therese Walker recently sold for a record breaking price of $69 million at Sotheby’s!

The painting titled, “Femme au Beret et a la Robe Quadrille”, was put on sale for the first time in the open market and was earlier circulated in strictly private groups only. The exotic artwork of sorts is one of Picasso’s favored pieces as it shows his muse and lover in the foreground along with a shadow of her future lover Dora Maar in the backdrop. As per James Mackie, director of the impressionist and modern art department at Sotheby’s, “It’s an incredibly important museum quality picture. It comes from a key era in Picasso’s career, 1937, when he made the great painting ‘Guernica’”.

According to him, the market for masterpieces, like this one, is growing at an unprecedented rate, and we couldn’t have agreed more. Three other works by Picasso also sold this month for a total of $22.7 million and it is said that a collector’s firm by the name of Gurr Johns is the main buyer behind these sales. So If you’re an ardent fan of the Spanish artist, you now know who could provide you leads to his work!


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