Poster of the first James Bond movie was auctioned for $19,000

Fans of James Bond were in for a big treat at the Prop Store Cinema Poster Live Auction yesterday. The sale touted as ‘one of the largest of its kind in Europe’ sold several precious movie merchandises including a knocking poster of the first Bond movie ever to be made i.e. Dr. No (1962). Specially illustrated by US artist Mitchell Hooks, the rare drawing, true to a Bond offering, shows an image of Sean Connery among scantily-clad women.

Said to be “unrestored, folded with neat single pin-holes to corners but otherwise in superb condition”, the poster was used to promote the film back in the days and is one of the most precious items to have come on auction. It was procured from a British collector of James Bond posters although the name of the gentleman has been kept anonymous by the auction house. It was sold for $19k, a sum that is said to be way beyond its estimate.

Close to 441 lots of rare posters and artwork from over 320 films were further offered on sale that including at least 50 dedicated James Bond memorabilia. In addition to the Bond items, the auction also included several other rare posters such as a copy of the 1964 film Carry On Cleo, original artwork from Meet The Fockers and imagery from films such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Thunderbirds, and Quadrophenia.


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