Princess Diana’s armored 1987 Silver Spur Rolls Royce is on sale

Vintage Rolls Royce cars are a collector’s favorite and presenting you the most prestigious of the lot is populist online auction site – Bring a Trailer that is now selling a 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur limousine. The car is much-touted for being used by Princess Diana on her official visit to the United States and on several other occasions.

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A long-wheelbase variant of the Silver Spirit, the Silver Spur was ordered by the U.K. Foreign Office for exclusive use at its Embassy in Washington, D.C and wad armored by coachbuilder specialist MacNeillie & Son of Walsall, before being shipped to the United States. It is powered by the factory 6.75-liter fuel-injected V-8 engine paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission and dons its original Balmoral Green Metallic finish and beige leather interior with tan hides and green carpets with sheepskin rugs. It additionally features a two-way intercom system with a handheld microphone located in the glove box and a speaker mounted to the underbody, along with a sunroof.

Other amenities include – two periods Motorola carphones, wood picnic trays in the front, reinforced carbon-steel and Kevlar plates, extra door and hinge replacements and polycarbonate windows in place of the original glass ones. Currently showing 61,000 miles, the Silver Spur’s performance is supported by the Carfax report and it is now up for bidding until March 6. There is no word yet on its estimated price.


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