Purchased for a mere $5 from a landfill in Canada. This painting by David Bowie was just sold for $88,000.

Via Instagram / @davidbowie

You’ve got to have an eye for art! And proving so is the upcoming sale of an old David Bowie painting which was originally purchased for a meager $5. The rare artwork is said to have been found at a Canadian rubbish tip and will now be auctioned for thousands of dollars.

Via Instagram / @davidbowie

According to experts, the striking signature on the back of the artwork proves that it was made by Ziggy Stardust himself. The 9.75 x 8-inch canvas features a tag showing his name, the date 1997, and a description of the painting as “acrylic and computer collage on canvas.”

Commenting on its depiction, Mr. Cowley, president at the Cowley Abbott auction house, “It’s a figure who is inside profile with hair kind of coming down the side, longish hair.” He further added, “The figure is dressed in a teal color, and their hair has touches of teal as well as some dark red. And there’s kind of a light red background, almost like a crimson background, as well.”

It was also noted that the seller, who has not been identified, paid 5 Canadian dollars (just over $4) for the painting last summer at a donation center at a landfill in South River, which is about three hours north of Toronto. The auction for the artwork was completed on the 24th of June and it fetched an astounding $88,000.

[Via: CNN]

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