Rare 1938 Superman comic retrieved from a wall auctions at $175,000

We love our action heroes, don’t we? It is customary for us to collect anything remotely unique to these characters, most importantly their books or videos (movies). When we talk about Superman, remember his debutant Action Comics No.1? They are known to be the most sought after reads, which at multiple auctions (that accredits this fact) have sold for astounding prices. Till date, rare copies from the series have seen prices rise to $317,200 and $1.5 million, going up to as high as $2.1 million. Well, the current interesting news is that the series has struck headlines again. In a recent auction, ComicConnect sold another Superman Action Comics No.1 copy for $175,000 to an anonymous bidder.

The best part of this news is that the copy – a 1938, was retrieved from within the walls of a Minnesota home! It was a contractor, David Gonzales, who along with his crew found the book among other newspaper debris that was being used in the walls as an insulation. Of course, the book was in a less-than-ideal condition, front cover torn, hence, graded only a 1.5 CGC on a scale of 10. Nonetheless, there were 51 odd bidders for the comic. That’s how precious Superman’s to us. Hail the Man of Steel!

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[Comicconnect Via Ibtimes]