Rare Martian Pink diamond sells for $17.4 million in Hong Kong auction

This is a story of 6 minutes of frenzied bidding, a sum of $17.4million shelled, and a rare, intense pink diamond. Interested? An anonymous caller bought the recent spring auction held at Christie’s in Hong Kong of an intense pink diamond on the telephone, and it fetched much higher than estimated! A desirable stone that it is and standing second in position to the costliest pink diamond sold ever ($46.8 million) at an auction, auctioneer’s verdict is this was the biggest of its kind to be ever sold with an expected selling price of between $8m and $12m (£5m – £7.6m). So, where did this celestial stone come from? More than where it came from, it is how one good thing leads to the other.

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This rare pink diamond came from Harry Winston: he was so impressed with the American voyage to Mars that he literally dug his inventory to find a rough diamond which he thought probably could come out as pink. No surprises because so it did. Cut in a way that the intensity of it is amplified, this pink diamond was by far the largest that he has ever cut. We are so intrigued to find the caller on the line. Hello, the pink diamond owner!

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