Rare million-pound note goes under the hammer for much lesser face value

How much would you pay to buy money? No, I’m not talking about fake notes, but a note from the British Treasury printed after World War II. The One Million Pound note went under the hammer and fetched a stunning £56,000 ($87,360). The immortal piece of history came into the auction with an estimated sale price of £40,000 by Dix Noonan and Webb in London and is a uni-faced note, one of only two believed to exist. Dated to 30th AUGUST 1948, the note sports the serial number D 000007 and E E Bridges’ signature, then Secretary to the Treasury.

Printed at the Bank of England, the note sports a standard white watermarked paper with green ink instead of the black print that can be generally seen. It was stamped “CANCELLED” ad on the 6th October 1948. It is touted that all the notes were destroyed by the issuing bank barring two bearing the serial numbers D 000007 and D 000008, each for One Million Pounds.

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