Rare pink diamond ring and Golconda diamond ring will steal the show at Sotheby’s New York

New York is going to be stunned with a brilliant collection of diamond jewelry to be auctioned in December 2011 at Sotheby’s New York, titled “Sale of Magnificent Jewels”. One of the iconic pieces to be exhibited is an exceptionally rare 33.03 carat Golconda diamond ring and a 22.7 carat “fancy intense pink diamond ring” estimated to fetch $7 million and $13 million respectively. The “Light of Golconda” ring has its origins in the legendary Golconda mines of India, a place noted for producing diamonds with distinct chemical properties from which the clear transparency is reasoned. The pink diamond has another history to flaunt, being one of only 2 dozen diamonds of pure pink color weighing over 10 carats to be featured in an auction. Sotheby’s also has many other dazzling jewelry pieces that have been passed down from distinctive legacy.

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One of them is the Cartier designed “Platinum and Diamond Sautier Necklace with a Lavalliere Pendant and is estimated to be sold between $750,000 and $1million. Another exclusive item on display is an 18 karat gold platinum and diamond necklace and bracelet combination in a leaf and flower design which is estimated to fetch anything in the range of $150-$200,000. The jewelry will be kept on display at Sotheby’s from 3rd of December, while the sale is supposed to be held on the 7th of December at Sotheby’s.

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