Rare Tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton to go under the hammer

Many people enjoy having a dinosaur to add glamour to their home decor. If you haven’t decided which one suits your best, then you can be a part of the complete Tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton, which was uncovered in the Gobi Desert around eight years ago, this weekend. The 8 feet tall and 24 feet long fossil is estimated at $950,000. An Asian relative to the North American T. Rex, the skull is 80 percent intact while about 75 percent of the body exists.

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Bidding site states, ‘This is an incredible, complete skeleton, painstakingly excavated and prepared, and mounted in a dramatic, forward-leaning running pose. The quality of preservation is superb, with wonderful bone texture and delightfully mottled grayish bone color. In striking contrast are those deadly teeth, long and frightfully robust, in a warm woody brown color, the fearsome, bristling mouth and monstrous jaws leaving one in no doubt as to how the creature came to rule its food chain. Equally deadly and impressive are the large curving claws, with pronounced blood grooves.’
[Heritage Auctions via MSNBC]

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