Recession hits car lovers as a man sells Tesla Roadster for $160,000 on eBay

Recession is definitely hitting us hard. People have to sacrifice on a lot of things during this ongoing economic crisis. An example of how badly people have been affected by it was recently seen on eBay, where a man sold his electric Tesla Roadster for $160,000 in Atlanta. The seller had waited two years to get this electric car but had to sell it as times have changed, and the recession has crippled his business. The guy who usually shops on eBay and not sells finally adds, “If you can afford this car, it’s one sweet ride.” On the brighter side, the guy at least made about $50,000 on the deal (assuming that he paid the normal price for the Roadster two years ago). I can’t help but think about how many people will have to sacrifice their favorite belongings to get out of this horrible situation.

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This piece of news has definitely opened my eyes and shown the great divide in this time, where the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.
Two other Roadsters are currently for sale on eBay, a green one for $115,000 with zero bids and another green one from the Signature Series for $95,350 with over 20 bids. It’s time we brace ourselves for more such news and deals. And for the rest who can afford this bargain, go on and have a blast.

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