Replica of Kim Yu-na’s Louis Vuitton skate trunk fetches $29,250 at auction

Figure skating always fascinated me. The way the beautiful skaters moved across the ice, almost like angels gliding over, would always leave me gasping for breath. But we are not here to discuss the feats of figure skaters. The luxury lovers that we are, we cannot resist sharing news about anything and everything related to luxury with our readers. Today’s luxury news is elated to famed fashion house Louis Vuitton and figure skater Kim Yu-na. We hear that a replica of the figure skater’s Louis Vuitton skate case was sold for W34 million ($29,250) at a charity auction in Seoul on Wednesday.

The luxury brand had teamed up with Kim last year to design the case for her skates and accessories. It then decided to make a replica case for a charitable cause. It took 9 months to complete this handcrafted design. The trunk boasts of several compartments and drawers for showcasing essential items from figure skating like skating boots but a towel, skating blade covers, gloves, ankle pads, props, etc.

All proceeds from the sale of the replica case will benefit UNICEF. Kim is not only the world’s best figure skater but also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. There are already reports of Louis Vuitton producing another trunk with the same design along with Yu-na’s skating boots and autograph on it for a charity auction early next year.

[Chosun and Yunakimfan]

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