Russia’s Olran-D EVA Spacesuit expected to fetch $50,000

If you don’t really like a Spacesuit from Apollo 11, then try a Russian make instead. And you are so in luck, a 1977-84 Olran-D suit from an aborted Russian Moon mission is being auctioned on the Internet. The Soviet “Olran-D” EVA Spacesuit was to be used as an extra-vehicular activity suit for the N1-L3, better known as “Soviet Moonshot” a series of top-secret missions with a view to land a man on the Moon, which was cancelled. NPP Zvezda wgicg was responsible for developing the rare suites came out with only 27 or training suits and seven flight variants.

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The suit features a regenerative Life Support System, and a 20m electric umbilical which not just a safety joint but also connected to the suit’s power supply, radio communication and telemetry. The suit is currently estimated between $40,000 and $50,000, with an opening bid of $30,000.