Safavid Rug fetches $4.34 Million at Sotheby’s

A late 16th or 17th century Safavid rug which could have been a gift from the Safavid Persian court to the Ottoman Turks was sold at a stunning price of $4.34 million. The rug is still in a remarkable quality and condition and might have been used as a prayer accessory by the royals. The rug reflects medieval Persian handicraft and art, which was famous even among Genoan and Venetian merchants.

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Edward Gibbs, Head of the Middle East & India Department at Sotheby’s revealed that the rug was initially expected to fetch $130,000 to $192,000. Persian rugs and carpets are famous all around the world even today, and they are known for their intricate embroidery and designs which are created using silk and metal threads. Gold and silver threads were commonly used to create exquisite designs on the rugs. The Safavid rug was on sale along with other priceless artefacts during the Arts of the Islamic World exhibition at Sotheby’s. If you are looking for something more contemporary, you might like the Wooden Carpet which we wrote about earlier.
Via: Art Daily

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