Scuderia Ferrari bus that once played motor-home to Michael Schumacher to be auctioned

Not very often do you see a bus being auctioned? More often, cars have been driven by celebrities, sportspersons, and the like end up being auctioned for prices that blow right out the roof. However, this bus, an original Iveco Domino Ferrari Formula 1 driver’s coach, will be auctioned come October 26th by RM Auctions. Used by Scuderia Ferrari during Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello’s reign of the race track, this bus is highly customized, complete with an eight-speed gearbox with an electronic selector, air suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers, and antiroll bars, and an odometer with 85,000 km clocked. Besides this, the bus also sports two compartments, each with a living room, mini-bar, 15×18-inch LCD TV, and satellite telephone and internet capabilities!