Seattles Hi-tech toilets sell for measly $12,549, not $89,000!

Remember Seattle’s Hi-tech, filthy, prostitute-ridden automated public toilets that cost 5 million dollars? Who could forget that? The city officials have thankfully got rid of them but are surely lying low on spirits as they fetched nothing more than $12,549 as opposed to the minimum $89,000 they were expecting. The city installed these automated toilets almost 4 years ago thinking of provoding tourists a place to get relieved only to see it become a hot spot for drug use and prostitution than for relief. After a failed first attempt, when an $89,000 minimum failed to attract a single bid, the city revised its strategy in hopes of sparking a bidding free-for-all. I dunno how it helped as they just went low and lower.

One of the five toilets, which currently graces the downtown waterfront, sold for $4,899, but the average sale was just over $2,510. That’s not the only embarrassment. Of almost more than 9,000 combined page views, only 148 bids were cast. And it’s for all to see how it went!

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