Sotheby’s and Bonhams ban the sale of rhino horns after mounting pressure from wildlife authorities

Rhino Horn may have made for excellent artefacts, but the dwindling population and illegal poaching of wildlife only called for a legal ban on its sale. Sharing similar views are Sotheby’s and Bonhams who recently announced a complete ban on the sale of the animal part, much to everyone’s relief and surprise. The auction houses have reportedly introduced the ban in line with the ongoing pressure from wildlife organization such as WildAid.

In welcoming the move, Sotheby’s retracted three lots of rhinoceros horn antiques from a sale scheduled in Hong Kong later this week. Bonhams too, announced on Friday that it would remove 21 lots of antique rhino horn items (with an estimated worth of $3.87 million) from a sale that was set to begin on Tuesday. Commenting on the ban, John Baker, managing director of WildAid, in an official statement said, “We congratulate Bonhams on its wise decision to stop selling rhino horn items. The rhino will only survive if the trade in their horns, in whatever form, is stopped,”

While Christie’s was the first to set precedent on the ban of Rhino horn, several auction houses have now followed suit and join the movement. This also includes renowned Chinese Auction house- China Guardian that also announced a global ban on Rhino Horn sales earlier in the month. Sustainable luxury is the need of the hour it’s heartening to see organization across the globe finally embracing the notion!


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