Sotheby’s estimates most expensive manuscript to be Mahler’s symphony

Mahler’s second symphony is set to break records if it fetches the $5-7 million that Sotheby’s has ‘guestimated’ – that will make it the most expensive manuscript in the world – surpassing Mozart’s symphonies by a couple of millions. In November, the sale will offer the manuscript of Bohemian-born Austrian music conductor and composer Gustav Mahler’s symphony. This sale comes following the death of the manuscript’s third and last owner Gilbert Kaplan early this year when he succumbed to aggressive cancer. Kaplan bought it from the Mengelberg Foundation in 1982, while it was owned by conductor Willem Mengelberg – its second owner. The first was, of course, Gustav Mahler himself.

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Mahler’s Second Symphony – bears a subtitle ‘Resurrection,’ played at a special free concert during the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It was written between 1888 and 1894 and was first performed in 1895, inspired by “music that Mahler heard at the funeral of Hans von Bülow (considered the greatest German conductor of all time), a conductor he revered.”

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