Spider III bronze sculpture fetches $3.5 million at Sotheby’s sale

I seriously don’t understand how art lovers and connoisseurs can look at a creepy-crawly creature sculpture like a spider and call it a work of art. But since my opinion hardly matters to the art community, they continue to ogle and drool over the creepy crawlies sculptures and artworks. The latest display of the demand for such creepy artworks was seen at the recent Sotheby’s contemporary art sale. While Andy Warhol’s Large Coca-Cola canvas was the highlight of the sale, a mega-sized bronze spider sculpture, Spider III, from the series of six by Louise Bourgeois, who died in May of 2010, managed to steal the spotlight after it fetched a cool $3,554,500, surpassing its pre-sale estimate of $600,000—800,000! The gigantic bronze sculpture that is sure to give many the chills measures 19″ x 33″ x 33″ in size and makes for one creepy centerpiece. I know I would never enter a home where this crawly creature is displayed.

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While I try and calm myself, you can check out the other highlights of this sale by clicking here.

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