Superman saves the day for an online auction company by garnering $1million

Superman has a huge fan following even after all these years. While it’s a fan’s dream to have a solid collection of rare memorabilia, the auction of rare first copies usually guarantees big bucks! In yet another big auction, a rare A 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 featuring superman fetched the auction site a staggering $1 million! Only 100 copies of the Action Comics No. 1 are in existence, and the original issue price was a mere 10 cents! This sale went whizzing past last year’s record when John Dolmayan, drummer for the rock band System of a Down, forked out $317,000 for a similar Action Comics No. 1 issue.

This issue garnered a better call from a mystery buyer because it is in an ‘8.0grade’ or ‘excellent’ condition as the auctioneers prefer to call it.
[AP News]

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