Superman’s first issue is the most expensive comic auctioned off for $317,200

The Action Comics Issue # 1 that was put up on auction on Friday 27 has finally been sold off to John Dalmayan, drummer for the rock band, System of a Down. Jerome Siegel and Joe Shusteron conceived and conceived this issue features Superman lifting a car and smashing it against a rock on the cover. Apparently, Mr. Dolmayan bought the Superman comic on behalf of a client he declined to identify and claimed that the client had a ‘small, but an incredible collection.’ The comic fetched a lower price than its estimated price of $500,000, but it still is the highest paid price for a comic book, a likely testament to its rarity and excellent condition. The auctioned copy of the1938 edition was one of the only 100 copies of Action Comics No 1 that are known to exist.

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The who previously owned the action comic book purchased it when he was nine years old at a second-hand shop in the 1950s for 35cents. The comic remained with the man for the next six decades despite several occasional offers from collectors promising several thousands of dollars.

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