Ten ‘Sexiest Cars’ for 2006 may surprise you

The popular lyrics by MC Hammer “I’m too sexy for my car…” can now be sung the other way round as “my car is too sexy for me….” Forget horsepower, fuel efficiency, or even price. … If you’re looking a car that’s date bait, Road & Travel magazine has a list of vehicles that might be up your alley. The U.S. online travel and automotive magazine has released its 10th annual “Sexy Car Buyer’s Guide.” Pure sex appeal is the only prerequisite looked-for to make it to the list. The list — which doesn’t rank cars in any particular order — consists of the BMW Z4, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Honda S2000, Hyundai Tiburon, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Nissan 350Z Roadster and Pontiac Solstice.

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Some were also winners in the 2006 International Car of the Year Awards (ICOTY). The Pontiac Solstice stole the ICOTY jury’s heart honoring it with the “Most Sex Appeal” award. The Dodge Charger took top prize “Car of the Year.” The Nissan 350Z won RTM’s 2nd annual HEART STRING Award for best car commercial. “Sports cars are all about fantasy and self image,” said RTM Editor-in-chief Courtney Caldwell. “Sports cars are about fantasy and self image. Just looking at one incites erotic thoughts and visions of grandeur. Owning one turns those images into reality!” she added. . Although its primary audience is women, RTM provides content and resources from which ‘every consumer’ can make informed and intelligent decisions regarding their automotive purchases, travel plans and/or personal safety needs. And although RTM doesn’t target the enthusiast market, when it comes to sports cars, everyone is a passionate enthusiast even if only in fantasy.

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