The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road Album art photos sell for over $200,000!

Remember that iconic photo on the cover of the Beatles at Abbey Road album? The image is powerfully associated with the British four quartet and features them walking in a line across the now-famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road in London. It’s been recreated time and time again by various artists and fans but a recent auction proves that the original image still holds captive the imaginations of true Beatles fans. The complete set of Abbey Road Session outtakes and the final cover shot for The Beatles Abbey Road album were snapped up by a private overseas buyer for a staggering £180,000 (around $282,351) at a London event organized by Bloomsbury Auctions.

The idea for the album cover was originally devised by Paul McCartney who sketched out an idea for their photographer Iain Macmillan. Local police eventually agreed to hold up traffic for 10 minutes within which Macmillan captured the Fab Four crossing the street. Six images exist of which the fifth was chosen to become the album cover.

Sarah Wheeler, Head of Photography at Bloomsbury Auctions said; “This set of photographs has triggered a brilliant reaction from the market, it has been a pleasure to share them with the public at our salerooms, even for a short time, and a delight to see them attain such a worthy price today.”

Though the extravagant purchase might strike many as the action of a rich fan or an indulgent collector, we think purchasing memorabilia is often a savvy investment decision. When iconic bands like the Beatles break-up their merchandise shots up in value because it is no longer in production. The buyer in this auction might someday be able to get close to three or four times the amount he spent on the photos if he decides to sell them!

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