This Beatle’s album copy entered the Guinness record for being the most expensive vinyl record ever sold

Having won his fair share of fame in music, celebrated Beatles drummer – Ringo Starr will now bear a mention in the Guinness book of the world record for selling his ‘The White Album’ copy for a whopping $790,000, making it the most expensive vinyl record ever sold!

Being one of the top-selling albums of its time, the 1968 self-titled Beatles’ album was auctioned in December 2015 at the Julien’s Auction House in LA. The White Album is the ninth of its kind by the legendary rock artists went on to replace an Elvis acetate which earlier held the Guinness title. The Beatle’s copy outdid Elvis’s record (sold for $305,000), by almost a double by selling out at a staggering $790,000. Said to be stored in almost mint condition for 35 years, Starr’s copy which bore the infamous 0000001 numberings was the album’s very first edition.

Along with Starr, the late David Bowie will also feature in the Guinness 2017 edition for owing a record of the most simultaneous entries in the U.K. albums chart with ten of his albums landing in the chart’s top 40. As for Starr, who along with his wife, Barbara Bach sold few other personal items at the auction apart from the album copy, will donate the proceeds to his Lotus foundation that primarily aims at advancing social welfare. While the identity of the generous buyer is unknown, his undying Beatles love surely knew no (monetary) bounds!

[ Via : Radiox ]