The oldest Nikon camera was sold for over $400,000 at a recent auction

Sometimes clichés make absolute sense. Following the age-old saying – “Old is gold”, a rare and reportedly the oldest Nikon camera was recently sold for a whopping $406,000. And to come to think of it, this is probably a lot more than you would actually pay for your regular chunk of gold. The legendary sale took place a few days back at Westlicht Photographica auction in Austria.

There are many reasons that make this special Nikon camera the treasure that it is. For starters, it happens to be the third-ever camera that was created by the brand, being built way back in April 1948. Secondly, even for being aged as much or more than your grandma, the device comes intact with the original F2 Nikkor H lens it was shipped with, while also retaining its original and rather rare double strap case. Furthermore, it bears an inscription that reads – “made in occupied Japan.”, that accurately signals at its imperial existence. Though the iconic camera was initially introduced simply as the Nikon, it later took on the title of Nikon One, which was then followed by the M and S models in the later years.
The unique camera dons a classic black and silver body, while the carry-along case comes in what looks like a deep brown leather exterior. Thought the Nikon One originally retailed at $190,000, it was opened for merely $95,000 at the auction before it ultimately bagged its final $406,000 paycheck. The photographica auction also featured various other cameras, lenses, and photography accessories, including two magnificent Leica gun-rifles as well as a stunning Leica M3 camera. All said, the anonymous buyer sure must be a proud fella!


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