The $2,157,760 Patek Philippe now becomes the most expensive wrist watch in the world

The uniqueness of this large gold Patek Philippe timepiece is ‘it belonged to an Italian count’ who won Grand Prix races and was president of Ferrari. Count Carlo Felice Trossi’s wristwatch fetched a record £1.1million ( $2,157,760)at auction. Experts described “Trossi Leggenda” almost certainly unique amongst 200 watches. This is because it is a watch of historic importance as well as symbolizes the year 1932, a marking point which also saw car racing and the emergence of airplanes.
Note – Christies recently auctioned an outstanding and unique stainless steel perpetual calendar Patek Philippe wristwatch with phases of the moon, amagnetic balance and applied painted Arabic numerals for $3,956,159.

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Experts say that people who can afford these kinds of watches have a pursuit for the perfect watch. Once they’ve found it, they will go for it with no bound.