The 1894 silver golf trophy is up for sale

If you are a golf enthusiast, this is a piece that would interest you more than any other entrapment of the material world. Take a look at the stunning sterling silver Scottish Presentation Golfing Trophy, and you would know in an instant what we are speaking about. Made of the malleable-st of silvers, this box USP is the unique ode to the game of golf. While the lid has a handle made of two crisscrossing golf kits, the fascia showcases two men enjoying the game, and the box sits on stands that are shaped like a golf ball. Carved by ace designer James Aitchison of Edinburg in 1894, the piece is sure worth a collection, as it may be one of the rarefew alive. And it’s authentic too. After all, it’s the ace vintage collector Nicholas Brawer bringing this piece de resistance to your table for a paltry sum of $8000 only.

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Grab it, we say. ‘Cos owning a trophy in silver is the only other best feeling of being a real winner on the greens!