The 39-carat “Evening Star” fetches Christie’s $5.4 million!

For once, Christie received exactly what it predicted! The stunning 39-carat pear-shaped “Evening Star” fetched the auction house a whopping $5.4 million bringing the entire. This beautiful D color stone has its origin from the famous Golconda mines in India. The diamond is so called because the previous owner usually preferred it on their nights out. The “Evening Star” reportedly earned the third highest amount in the “Magnificent Jewels from a Distinguished Private Collector” sale, closely behind “The Vivid Pink” diamond and the $7.7 million worth Annenberg Diamond.

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The entire collection sold for $25.18 million, of which 85 percent of jewels were sold by lot and 97 percent sold by price. Other auctioned precious stones included the rectangular-cut intense blue VS1 diamond which is 7.02 carats in weight earning $3.89 million and a 36.78-carat, D color flawless diamond, fetching $3.39 million. Another pair of D-VVS pear-shaped diamonds with a weight of 10.21 and 10.51 carats respectively earned $2.1 million totally, as well as a cushion-cut intense yellow diamond, 40.92 carats in weighted was sold for $1.11 million.

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