The $6.6million Cucci Cabin from Sun King Era is one of the most expensive furniture of the world!

Imagine living like a king, quite literally, if you have a lovely villa and want to decorate it in taste with some priceless furniture crafted by the best in the world! One such ornate cabinet belonging to the Sun King’s era just fetched a whopping $6.6 million! The Cucci Cabinet is one of three cabinets fashioned by Italian artist Domenico Cucci when under the French King Louis XIV earned over went under the hammer recently at Christie’s. The other two cabinets are part of the Duke of Northumberland’s collection at Alnwick Castle. All the three are reportedly dated around the period of 1665 to 1675.

The stunning cabinet rests on the arms of a bronze-colored statue, which depicts the four seasons. It has Florentine ‘pietra dura’ panels; Pietra dura is an Italian phrase that means ‘hard stone,’ and is a technique used to create intricate images from colored stones. It also has a luxurious golden coat with bronze mounts and stone columns set on a tortoiseshell background.

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