The 6.89 carat purple-pink diamond raked in $1 million at the New York Christie’s auction

How much would you pay for this vivid purple-pink diamond? A million, a million and a half, or three million? How about we close the deal at seven million dollars? Sound ludicrous? Not if that charm of a precious stone weighs an awesome 6.89 carats and boasts of a fancy rectangle cut that gives it an elusive brightness, rare to find. Perhaps the beauty lured the anonymous bidder at the Christie’s New York Jewels auction yesterday to own it. In a sudden twist of lust, the bidder paid a whopping one million dollar for each carat of this awesome looking diamond, making this pink heart join the band of the most expensive diamond auctioned this season. However, the most expensive sale of a diamond is still held by a 24.78-carat diamond sold by Sotheby’s for $46.2 million in November, closely followed by another pink diamond sold by Christie’s for a record-breaking $23.1 million some time ago.

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We are pondering now about the lucky girl who would be presented with this exquisite diamond!