The Bidding Wars over a Flight Simulator

A flight simulator that can simulate either airplane or helicopter flight was recently on bid on eBay. It’s quite surprising really that people still turn to eBay for selling big-ticket items such as this. The controls of this simulator are set up for helicopters but can easily be used as airplane controls as well (somewhere I can hear flight simulators fans “oohing” and “aahing”). The screen is situated three to four feet in front of the occupants that gives a great sense of being in the action. The simulator uses Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight software. There were two other units for sale as well that can be hooked together for simulated aerial dogfights. The airplanes are World War II aircraft and the helicopters are Apache, Comanche, Little Bird, and Huey. All of these aircraft are in the combat program and the flight simulator offers the user a variety of other airplanes and helicopters as well.

And while there’s really nothing stopping you from picking one up for your den or recreational room (condition – you have to have a lot of money), I think with a starting bid of $100,000 these units are better suited for an arcade where you can actually make some of that money back over time.