The Dragon Slaying Sabre scabbard earns $16,000 under the hammer

I know gamers can be a crazy lot. They love their Playstations and their games with equal gusto. While action, speed, and violence rule the roast as far as games are concerned, people pay up humongous amounts of money for special game editions, the Age of Wulin surpasses all the claims. The game was launched in China on the 25th of December by Snail Games alongside a viral auction. The sale’s highlight was the Dragon Slaying Sabre scabbard, a virtual sword that fetched a staggering whopping 100,000 Yuan ($16,000)!

YouTube video

The sale saw “unattributed virtual items” under the hammer, including items like a sheath of Hook of Departure (limited to 10 units) at $1,600, a Lordly Spear Sheath (limited to 5 units) for $2,500.

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