The grand Michael Jackson auction calls out to all Jacko fans

For all those who just cant get enough of the King of Pop – Michael Jackson, a visit to the auction to be held by Julien’s Auctions in April is a must. Why? Because this will be a one of a kind auction where fans and bidders can actually look forward to owning some of the most bizarre goodies owned by the troubled star. The goodies on offer include a portrait of Michael Jackson dressed as a king, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1995 and housed in an elaborate gold frame whose guide price is between $4,000-$6,000. The other goods include a pair of Triumph-era socks with uppers covered in rhinestone banding dating back to the 1981 Triumph tour with the Jackson’s (guide price $600-$800).

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There is also an electric cart featuring an image of Jackson as Peter Pan on the bonnet and Peter Pan cushions (guide price $4,000-$6,000). But what steals the show are these remaining two pieces. A robotic head (obviously Jackson’s), which lights up as each piece pushes forward and retracts to finally form the singers face. And last but not the least, a weird painting featuring iconic figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein wearing Jackson’s trademark sunglasses and glove (guide price $1,000-$2,000).
If this doesn’t show your support for Jackson then what does? And in case you consider these to be more than just collector’s items and actually appreciate their beauty, I suggest a visit to a shrink right away.

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