The last Twinkie bar is up on eBay for $8,000

Hostess, the makers of the iconic and beloved Twinkie, has pulled down its shutters, but that hasn’t stopped the best of us from fondly remembering these golden sponge cakes with creamy fillings. For the Twinkie-deprived, a single bar has recently shown up on the bidding site, eBay. Marked as a collector’s item that will need to be well-preserved if you do end up buying it, this could indeed be the last Twinkie on earth! The single bar is currently placed online with an opening bid of a whopping $8,000, a price most Twinkie maniacs wouldn’t mind shelling out to get their hands on this last bit of tastiness. However, as of yet, nobody has yet placed any bids on the bidding page.

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