The most expensive auctioned art work by Picasso earns a record $106m

I don’t understand why people who bid for priceless want their names to be withheld. I mean, come on the IRS is bound to find out right? Anyway, a 1932 painting titled “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso painting has become the most expensive art work to be auctioned as it earned $106m, at Christie’s New York. Held by the late Los Angeles collectors Frances and Sidney Brody since the 1950s, the painting was won by an unnamed bidder through the telephone.

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The second most expensive art work to be auctioned is held by Giacometti’s Walking Man I ($104.3m), followed by another Picasso, Garcon a la Pipe($104.1m). The painting was touted to fetch a mere $70m-$90m.