The Shere Khan Gold & Diamond Necklace will go under the hammer for Wild Tiger conservation

Tigers from the days of the villainous Shere Khan from the Jungle Book tales have been one evoking fear and loath. But the dynamic tiger is now all set to bring Karma to his side with a stunning Shere Khan necklace. Set in 18-carat gold and studded with 182 diamonds, the exquisite, handcrafted piece of jewelry designed by Catherine Best will be put under the hammer by the Born Free Foundation to protect the wild cat from being completely extinct. The necklace is estimated to fetch £300,000 ($491,130).

The promos spot Joanna Lumley who was photographed wearing the jewelry. The diamonds total to 11.952 carats of round diamonds, and 7 carats of emeralds that bring out “the jeweler’s pièce de résistance – each magnificent tiger, male and female, holds a heart in its paws.” The male paw sport a 27-carat rubellite tourmaline, and the female paw sports a diamond weighing over 4 carats. Mail here to place your bids.

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