This 2000-year-old Julius Caesar ‘assassination coin’ could fetch $6.4million in auction

A rare gold coin that honors the assassination of the Roman general Julius Caesar is all set to be up on auction. Estimated to be worth up to $6.4 million (£5 million), it is rightly touted to be the ‘holy grail’ for ancient coin collectors.

Held in a private collection in Europe until now, the two-millennia old wonder is one of three of the same design known to have been cast in gold. Its rarity, artistry, and fabled place in history make it worth millions and rightly so – a collector’s dream. Described as a ‘naked and shameless celebration’ of Caesar’s murder, it also features a ‘cap of liberty’ that apparently implies the motivations behind the incident.

Commenting on it, Mark Salzberg, chairman of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of Sarasota, Florida, said, “It ( the coin) was made in 42 B.C., two years after the famous assassination, and is one of the most important and valuable coins of the ancient world…The front has a portrait of Marcus Junius Brutus, one of Caesar’s assassins, and the other side dramatically has two daggers and the words EID MAR, a Latin abbreviation for Ides of March.” He also noted that it is ‘one of the most important and valuable coins of the ancient world.’

The exclusive Julius Caesar ‘assassination coin’ will be auctioned off by London-based Roma Numismatics on October 29, 2020.

[Via: Fox News]

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