This exclusive Panamanian coffee is the world’s most expensive at $1,029 per pound

Every year, the Best of Panama competition evaluates and auctions the most superior coffees from around the world. And in doing so this year, the event has recognized the world’s most expensive pound of coffee – being that of The Lamastus family’s Elida Estate. The exclusive blend broke the world record for being the most expensive of its kind by selling one of its lots for $1,029 per pound.

Commenting on the Elida Estate’s astounding sale, The Lamastus Family in a statement on Instagram wrote, “Happiness, joy, celebration, amusement. These were the combination of emotions yesterday by Wilford Lamastus after beating not only his own record but reaching for the first time a four-digit mark per pound of coffee in a public auction,” They further added, From the Lamastus Family Estates, thank you to everyone that supported the Panamanian specialty coffee industry.”

The premium grind is made for Gesha- which is touted as one of the finest beans in the world of coffee. Buyers of the natural Panamanian coffee included the Japanese Saza Coffee in Japan, Taiwanese Black Gold, OK Lao, Haaya Gourmet Coffee, HWC Roasters, and On The Up, British Difference Coffee, American Klatch Coffee, Willoughby’sCoffee & Tea, and Dragonfly, Chinese Coffee Tech and Grand Cru Coffee, Malaysian The Hub Coffee, and Australian Aroma Coffee. After all, Coffee – and especially the premium kind doesn’t come that cheap!


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