This ultra-rare $5 gold coin from 1882 could fetch $5 million at auction

If you’re into collecting rare coins, read on! An ancient 1882 gold coin is all set to sell for a grand $5 million at auction. Featuring a capped bust on the front and an eagle on the back, the exclusive item is touted to be the finest of the only three such specimens (of its kind) known to exist.

Christened as the ‘1822 half eagle’, the coin comes under the hammer from the collection of D. Brent Pogue, a famous coin collector who died in 2019 at age 54. Pogue acquired it in 1982 when gold coins from the collection of Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. were auctioned.
The coin is one of only three of its kind to be held in private hands. The other two are in the National Numismatic Collection in the Smithsonian Institution. Commenting on it, the Stack’s Bowers Galleries, in a statement, said, “Opportunities to acquire an example happen only very seldom, and generations pass without even the most well-financed collectors, dealers, and museums having an opportunity to own one.”

The ‘1822 half eagle’ was earlier auctioned in 2016, but it went unsold then. It will now be available for purchase at Stack’s Bowers Galleries live events in Las Vegas from March 23-26. Wish to call this beauty your own?

[Via – Barrons]

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