This Yves Saint Laurent Jacket was auctioned by a mind-boggling $420,622

Art and Fashion go hand in hand and proving so is a classic Yves Saint Laurent jacket which emulates renowned painter – Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic art piece – ‘Sunflowers’ in the most awe-inspiring manner! The jacket features exquisite embroidery and has been recently been purchased for a jaw-dropping price of $420,622 at the Christie’s auction in Paris.

The extraordinary piece of couture was sold to the National Gallery of Victoria for a price going way beyond its original estimate between €80,000 and €120,000. The jacket which was once modelled on the catwalk by Naomi Campbell has been a desired item in the fashion industry and is often referred to as an iconic amalgamation of the two worlds (of art and fashion).

The bright yellow and orange jacket was worked upon by haute couture embroiderer Maison Lesage who took more 600 hours to stitch by hand. It was specially crafted for Saint Laurent’s 1988 spring/summer collection and was one of the four sequined jackets made.

While commenting on the jacket back in the year 2004, Saint Laurent in statement said, “I have always been fascinated by painting, so it was only natural that it should inspire my creations.” The 1988 collection also featured another jacket inspired by a flower-themed Van Gogh canvas called – Irises which was sold for$ 1,93,167(€175,500) in January this year.


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