Three most expensive Leica cameras produced in a series sell for $4.7 million

Leica seems to have the most popular cameras that get record dealings at auctions. In yet another bidding that set the cash boxes ringing, three most expensive Leica cameras from a serial production fetched as much as €3.6 million ($4.7 million). So which piece earned how much, you wonder? The priciest of the lot was the legendary M3D. With an opening bid of €150,000 ($194,300) the set owned by “LIFE photographer and Picasso intimate”, David Douglas Duncan earned €1,680,000 ($2,175,410), making it the second-highest camera ever sold under the hammer.

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In second place was the 1929 gold-plated ‘Luxus’ Leica, which earned €1,020,000 ($1,320,920).
Rounding up the top three was the first serial-production M3 (1953, serial number 700001), which was formerly owned by Willi Stein, chief engineer of Leitz, earned €900,000 ($1,165,590).

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