Top 11 record-breaking auctions of 2011

Auctions are designed to lure wealthy folks and collectors to bid higher-than-estimated value for rare collectible items. Competitive bidding escalates the value to astronomical numbers. Bidding winners can boast of possessing the rarest and/or most expensive objects existing on this planet in the bargain. Throughout 2011, Luxurylaunches has kept up with the record-breaking auctions worldwide. Vehicles, gems, artworks, spirits, watches, celebrity-owned stuff, and much more have set the records, which will eventually be broken in the years to come. Before 2012 breaks a few of them, we’ve listed eleven of the most jaw-dropping auctions of 2011.
Rare 1938 Superman comic

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Star Wars movie camera
Elizabeth Taylor’s collection sets a world record
span class=”mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-image”>Hermes-Shiny-Rouge-H-Porosus-Crocodile-bag-1.jpg
Hermes Birkin bag
110 carat Sun-Drop diamond
Patek Philippe timepiece
Christian Louboutin designs a stiletto-shaped cocktail bar
Picasso’s mistress’ paintings
Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket
Andy Warhol’s self-portrait
Marilyn Monroe’s famed Subway grate dress
If you have an urge to splash your money and break a few records, then head to auctions in the New Year. We will be on a lookout…………

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