UK’s most expensive beer costs £1,000 for a pint and it is brewed on the country’s highest peak

If you’re someone who fancies a bottle of beer over the classiest whiskies in town, then here’s news that you simply cannot ignore! In pleasing beer lovers across the globe and especially those living in the UK, renowned brewery – Northern Monk has unveiled the country’s most expensive beer (and its highest altitude brew) to be manufactured to date!

The 11% ABV Barrel Aged Imperial Stout has apparently been brewed at the top of Ben Nevis during the summer, which makes it all the more special and worthy of its price. It is created using ingredients hunted from the mountain itself by four of the brewery’s staff, including blaeberries (also known as bilberries) and ‘Dew of Ben Nevis’ water which is ordinarily used in the production of the Ben Nevis whisky.

After being so brewed, the spirit has further spent 2 months ageing in a whisky barrel donated by the Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery in Fort William. The result being 50 bottles (of 330ml) of luxe beer bottles which are now ready to be given off at £1,000 or $1283 each. Proceeds from the sale of exclusive Ben Nevis beer will be donated towards the North Foundation, a grant scheme created by Northern Monk back in September which is ‘designed to benefit the North, its people and its communities’. Fancy a sip of UK’s most expensive brew?


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